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Martin and Carolyn Dargevics have been creatively exploring different art media since 2003. Their ventures, skills, and talents include fiber art, jewelry design, acrylic painting, and photography. They continue to hone their interests and skills through education, studying, research, and, of course -- the best teacher: trial and error. So, please feel free to explore with us as our specialties and creations reveal themselves.

Nature Images

This ImajinArt website primarily showcases the Nature Images of Martin and Carolyn's hikes through national, state, and county parks, as well as their home gardens, where they are spurred to capture the intricate and majestic beauty of natural surroundings. However, their photography is not constrained to only nature. Martin and Carolyn each have their own interests jointly reflected here in their photography. If you are interested in any prints, please fill out and submit the contact form.

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Martin Dargevics

In 2002, from a left-brained engineer's cube, Martin desired to explore his right-brained, free-spirit artistry through abstract acrylic wall art. Since that time, he has been selling his artwork at seasonal art fairs and various high-end art exhibits in the Midwest. Due to health constraints, the art fair adventures will lessen to the point of gallery exhibits and private showings by appointment only.

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Carolyn Dargevics

Ah, what art avenues has Carolyn not explored? Beginning with a class in jewelry design where she created pieces from many different metals with various techniques including chain maille and steampunk, she then dusted off her sewing machine to create unique fiber-art wall-hangings. Having sold out of everything and wanting to be true to her eclectic interests in exploring other media, she began creating acrylic wall art.

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